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Creating Terms and Conditions | July 2021 Server Parts Pricing Report | Net neutrality, SolarWinds and solar storms

July 14th 2021 EDT

July 14th 2021 Creating Terms and Conditions A member is looking for some advice when it comes to the terms and conditions he uses on his website. He wants to ensure that the servers he sells are not used for illegal content. So which laws should he use? The USA, the country he's doing business from, or does that not matter so much as long as he's making it clear that the servers he provides must not be used for illegal purposes? Well-established hosts have comprehensive terms of service and ...Continue Reading

Which global CDN reaches China? | Comparing some dedicated server hosts | Ransomware attack on Kaseya

July 7th 2021 EDT

July 7th 2021 Which global CDN reaches China? Alan is looking for a global CDN provider that also has a good reach into China. From the extensive research that he's already conducted hes finding that, due to the Great Firewall of China, his site visitors from that region cannot access many of the major CDN networks. He's also looked at it from the opposite perspective, researching Chinese CDN providers, but those have issues in countries and regions outside China. So what's the solution? CDN ...Continue Reading

Which CP and distro for standalone MariaDB? | .COM wholesale prices to rise | Industry News, and a warning

June 30th 2021 EDT

June 30th 2021 Suggest a control panel and distro for a standalone MariaDB instance Mihir wants to set up a standalone MariaDB instance and is looking for advice and suggestions for a good distro for this purpose, along with an inexpensive control panel to look after it. He needs a panel to manage databases, users, remote access, CFS and LFD. Being able to schedule backups would be a nice addition as well. A free panel would be great, but he'd be happy paying a nominal annual fee too. Direct ...Continue Reading

Can a database just delete? | Law enforcement order a server taken down. What's next? | In the news this week

June 23rd 2021 EDT

June 23rd 2021 Can a database just delete? One of WHT's self-confessed non technical members was surprised to receive a "cannot establish database connection" message from one of his sites. He contacted his host who told him that the database got deleted. He's hosted this particular site with the same host for around 10 years and has never deleted the database. He hasen't even logged into the site in a while. So he asked his host if there was any record of someone logging in, and w ...Continue Reading

Zimbra Servers Coexistence | Who's sharing your IP? | Amazon's bandwidth-sharing Sidewalk network

June 16th 2021 EDT

June 16th 2021 Zimbra Servers Coexistence One of our members is planning to update a server in production with Zimbra 8.8.12 and 250 Mailboxes to another with version 8.8.15. The idea is to spin up a new server and install version 8.8.15, then migrate the mailboxes and, when the migration is complete, turn off the server with version 8.8.12. He asks if it's possible for the domain to handle two MX records? And is there a way to have them coexist? Ideally he'd like to configure the setup so t ...Continue Reading

Worldwide Fastly outage | Those annoying spam lists | Billions of leaked passwords, and Chinese DNS

June 9th 2021 EDT

June 9th 2021 Fastly outage takes out many major websites At around 10am UTC yesterday many prominent websites around the world started to display error messages, and not a lot else. Amazon, Reddit, Bloomberg, Twitch, Pinterest, AFR, Financial Times, NY Times, The Guardian, the BBC, the UK goverment's official site, and many others all suffered major outages, whilst others, including Twitter, lost partial content. It turned out that Fastly, who's edge cloud platform provides services to many ...Continue Reading

Is there a market for low bandwidth servers? | How to provide 24x7 ticket and chat support | In the news this week

June 2nd 2021 EDT

June 2nd 2021 Is there a market for low bandwidth servers? A new member is curious if there's a market for dedicated servers with lower bandwidth quotas. After years of dabbling with colocation, he and his brother are thinking about creating a micro data center in south Europe, since they don't want to use third-party colocation and prefer to have everything in their own hands and nearby. Their biggest challenge is the cost of bandwidth. The high pricing they've been quoted for 10G transit m ...Continue Reading

Who should stop site attacks? | Server Parts Pricing Report | News from around WHT

May 26th 2021 EDT

May 26th 2021 Who should stop site attacks? Several years ago a new member published a blog using Wordpress. There wasn't any advertising on it, not Google ads or otherwise. It was just a personal site that grew in posts and number of visitors. Because it was Wordpress it was attacked continuously. He sees from some of the threads on WHT that that type of thing still happens. So he wonders is there anything a web host can do, or does, to monitor and prevent outgoing and incoming script attac ...Continue Reading

Is DowntownHost still in business? | What is more important for a site's speed? | Industry News

May 19th 2021 EDT

May 19th 2021 Is DowntownHost still in business? In October 2020 a member expressed concerns about the lack of response to tickets from DowntownHost. Now, almost 7 months later, we appear to be no further forward finding out what's happened. WHTer Jedito (Jorge), the CEO of DowntownHost, joined WHT back in April 2001 and has always been an active member and poster, but we haven't seen him since May 2020. The last Twitter entry is from December 2018, and the last Facebook entry dates back to ...Continue Reading

Salesforce outage | xpertDNS Closing - Alternative DNS Providers? | Switch acquires Texas-based colo provider Data Foundry

May 12th 2021 EDT

May 12th 2021 Salesforce outage News came in overnight of an outage at Salesforce, which turned out to likely be due to a change to DNS settings causing logins to fail and API integrations to error out, and multiple third-party sites reporting outages or failed services. Downdetector also showed a large spike in error reports, but Salesforce were quick to take to Twitter and provide updates as soon as they realised that there was an issue. Services now appear to be restored with just a few m ...Continue Reading
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