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Which upgrade for faster speed index | Manually blacklisted by urbl.hostedemail.com | News from our Industry

November 10th 2021 EST

November 10th 2021 Which upgrade for faster speed index New member Jim is looking to improve his speed index and asks which part(s) of his server's hardware he needs to upgrade to improve it. He's running a Xeon E3-1230v3 with 16Gb RAM, a couple of SSDs in RAID1, and CentOS 7 with DirectAdmin for his control panel. Suggestions are already coming in to upgrade the CPU and/or switch the storage to NVMe (or just change the SSDs for a better model), but is he going the right way about this? Hard ...Continue Reading

What should a site look like? | I want to start a hosting company | News from our Industry

November 3rd 2021 EST

November 3rd 2021 What should a site look like? Some might think that this is a simple question, asking about things like style, font size, site theme, etc., but should sites follow the same default pattern of design or is individuality the key to a successful site? It hasn't taken long for this thread to develop with posts mentioning functionality, site purpose, mobile themes, the target audience, country-specific requirements, and so on. So, should there be some sort of standard pattern th ...Continue Reading

Late payers. What do you do? | Ways to monitor websites | News from our Industry

October 27th 2021 EST

October 27th 2021 Late-paying clients - What's the best way to handle them? Cornishman is a UK photographer who also designs and hosts websites for local businesses. His normal process is to build the website and then charge for 12 months hosting, all in one invoice. The challenge comes a year later, with a minority of customers, when it's renewal time. There's a small number of habitual late payers and there is always an excuse, but generally they just go quiet until he's forced to follow u ...Continue Reading

Supply chain issues causing delays | October Server Pricing Report | News and Views...

October 20th 2021 EST

October 20th 2021 Transport holdups causing issues in the supply chain A question about the delayed delivery of a single server has sparked a discussion about the current issues within the supply chain, mainly due to bottlenecks at ports causing shortages of critical components. The mayor of Long Beach, California is quoted as saying "We are facing an unprecedented cargo surge at the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles due to major global pandemic production shifts and decades-old suppl ...Continue Reading

One of Ireland’s oldest hosts disappears | Moroccan spam orders | News, Moves and Views

October 13th 2021 EST

October 13th 2021 One of Ireland’s oldest hosts disappeared this morning News is breaking that Host.ie, also known as Novara or Digihost, has gone offline this morning. Anything hosted by the company or using their DNS servers is unreachable, apparently impacting around 12 thousand domain names, mostly .ie and .com. The company has changed ownership a few times over the last 2 decades, including name changes along the way, and is currently known as "Hostopia Ireland" after being ac ...Continue Reading

Dedicated server management systems | Creating a mail server | News and Views

October 6th 2021 EST

October 6th 2021 Management for Baremetal Business A member's company sells cloud and VPS traditionally, but is experiencing a growing demand for bare metal dedicated servers and needs to find a way to automate provisioning, O/S installs, reboots, etc. He's wondering what type of solution large hosting companies use to provide management and monitoring capabilities on their bare metal servers, and if there is any solution out there to give customers access to a portal where they can manage a ...Continue Reading

cPanel and Plesk 2022 Price Increases | Dividing the power | Vulnerabilities and News

September 29th 2021 EST

September 29th 2021 cPanel and Plesk 2022 Price Increases Yesterday hosts started to receive emails from cPanel confirming the news (that many already expected) that cPanel Partner pricing and cPanel Store pricing would be increasing from the start of 2022. It soon emerged that Plesk had sent out a similar email. Many will remember [1]the original thread on WHT started in June 2019 when the first increase was announced. Since then that thread has grown to over 3200 posts and attracted ...Continue Reading

Adding a chat to talk with | Storage VPS Providers | In the news this week

September 22nd 2021 EST

September 22nd 2021 Adding a chat to talk with SidedTech is looking for some sort of chat module to install on his site that allows users to communicate with him directly from the site and he receives it on his phone so that he can go back and forth in chat with them. It would help if a cookie saves the chat as well, in case they refresh, disconnect, etc. He'd also like to be able to speak to the person first possibly, with them having different options to choose from while talking to a bot ...Continue Reading

A control panel with less | Using a VPN when ordering | Mailchimp sold, and more...

September 15th 2021 EST

September 15th 2021 A control panel with less? The battle of the control panels continues, but now WHTer SidedTech is looking for a panel that does less and uses less resources. He's not looking for all the bells and whistles of panels such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, etc., rather he wants something that will just handle SSL, email and auto-LAMP for him, and a WordPress installer would be a bonus, but isn't a deal-breaker. Currently he uses Virtualmin but feels that even that has too many ...Continue Reading

Time to move? Security and plugin issues | Single or double CPU for hosting? | Vulnerabilities and News

September 8th 2021 EST

September 8th 2021 Time to move? Security and plugin issues WHTer "stripeysfriend" has been using a particular WordPress host for several years but has concerns about his sites' performance and wonders if he should move hosts to see if the issues go away. In his opening post he goes on to give a detailed breakdown of his hosting requirements, current usage, the issues he's been encountering and details of various hosts he's already researched. One early (and expected) recommendatio ...Continue Reading
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