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CloudLinux OS Shared is now Legacy | Exim MTA vulnerability could allow malicious email attachments past filters | News from around the hosting industry

July 17th 2024 EDT

[1] July 17th 2024 CloudLinux OS Shared is now Legacy Shoss spotted a blog post by CloudLinux announcing that CloudLinux OS Shared is Now CloudLinux OS Legacy, with CloudLinux OS Legacy continuing to receive the same security updates and base operating system improvements, but not to include any new features. As the discussion develops into what features hosts can and cannot do without, and therefore which licence level they feel they need, Igor, the CEO of Cloud Linux Inc, jumps into th ...Continue Reading

Dedicated or VPS - How to check | Google's latest updates crushing smaller sites? | News from around the hosting industry

July 10th 2024 EDT

[1] July 10th 2024 Dedicated or VPS - How to check Picture the scenario - You've found a new provider with attractive hardware/location/speed/bandwidth/pricing, or something else that generally bugs you so you're always on the look out for it, someone is offering your perfect package and you've jumped right in and ordered. All goes well, payment goes through, and you get an email with your login details. Perfect! Or is it? This is the quandary presented to alru111 who's purchased a dedic ...Continue Reading

Server CPU/RAM choices | Offering bulk email services | News from around the hosting industry

July 3rd 2024 EDT

[1] July 3rd 2024 Server CPU/RAM choices Kestryll writes "I'm not happy with my current Cloud hosting, it's decent but very limiting, so I'm looking at self hosted on my own dedicated or VP server account." What follows are the choices found so far, with a mix of dedicated and VPS setups, with various CPU options (but no CPU specification), and RAM and storage options. This is for hosting a forum with a 55Gb MySQL database plus forum software, images, etc., and the plan is to m ...Continue Reading

cPanel server malware scanner | Management/access via VPN | News from around the hosting industry

June 26th 2024 EDT

[1] June 26th 2024 cPanel server malware scanner Dave has a cPanel dedicated server with about 150 accounts on it, all with just basic web hosting - a few databases, but mostly small websites run by various people. He's running ImunifyAV (free version) right now, but it is not detecting a botnet created PHP backdoor on one of the sites. The PHP scripts are all base64 encoded scripts and it installs both a htaccess routing script and index.php file in most of the subfolders of the site, s ...Continue Reading

StackPath immediate end of life | Full website CMS or just 2 pages? | News from around the hosting industry

June 19th 2024 EDT

[1] June 19th 2024 StackPath immediate end of life Founded in 2015 by Lance Crosby, the founder of SoftLayer, StackPath grew to provide a suite of products including SecureCDN, edge compute services, DNS, object storage, colocation and more. Sadly, in an email sent to customers last week, they announced "After careful consideration, it has been decided to close all StackPath products and liquidate all assets for the benefit of our creditors. Effective immediately, we will begin the ...Continue Reading

How to migrate a reseller account | AMD EPYC 4004 - the Ryzen Killer | News from around the hosting industry

June 12th 2024 EDT

[1] June 12th 2024 How to migrate a reseller account ResellerFly needs to migrate a reseller account with 150 cPanel accounts to a WHM/cPanel server. He has no root access to the reseller account and is concerned about how to carry out the migration in a simple and safe way. As far as he can tell his only option is to move each account individually but this will take time to complete and he's hoping for a quicker way to achieve this. There are already some suggestions of scripts or tools ...Continue Reading

Ignoring cPanel upgrade warnings - Safe? | Microsoft's new AI Recall feature records your PC activities | News from around the hosting industry

June 5th 2024 EDT

[1] June 5th 2024 Ignoring cPanel upgrade warnings - Safe? Michael received an email warning him that "cPanel & WHM version ( will reach End of Life in 29 days" and that we (cPanel/WHM) "strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version to avoid any disruption in your service.". He's up to his neck in a lot of legacy projects that still require PHP 5.2 as well as Apache and MySQL tweaks and even the need to upgrade the codebase at this point, s ...Continue Reading

Best ways to store passwords | Power outage at Prime/Carrier1/Evocative Dallas | News from around the hosting industry

May 29th 2024 EDT

[1] May 29th 2024 Best ways to store passwords ResellerFly would like to know how best to store server administrators passwords, and all those other important logins. He manages hosting accounts, servers and so on and it is hard to remember all this. While he's less concerned about email passwords, he needs to ensure that he has the servers' root access kept safe. Do you maintain a local file, use a piece of password management software, or have a custom solution of your own? Some member ...Continue Reading

WebHostingTalk Insider - Premium Domains | Web hosting in the 90s | News from around the hosting industry

May 22nd 2024 EDT

[1] May 22nd 2024 Premium Domains Dustin has been shopping around for a few domain names recently and one of them has been deemed "premium" by the registrars, but is not currently registered. He's done some research and found that there's clearly a lot of flexibility and variability in the premium pricing for the domain. Registrars seem to vary pretty aggressively on both initial cost and renewal. His question therefore is who is your go-to for domains like this? Who offers the ...Continue Reading

SEO trends for web hosts to follow in 2024 | RDP Windows Server 2019 freezing issue | News from around the hosting industry

May 15th 2024 EDT

[1] May 15th 2024 SEO trends for web hosts to follow in 2024 Since the beginning of this year CanSpace has read dozens of reports and interviews from industry's top SEO experts and has put together a high-level summary of insights that he's learned in respect of areas of SEO to consider and focus on in 2024, optimized for web hosting companies. The talking points in the detailed post that he's put together are in no particular order of importance, as all of them are considered important ...Continue Reading
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