How to migrate a reseller account | AMD EPYC 4004 - the Ryzen Killer | News from around the hosting industry

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Subject: How to migrate a reseller account | AMD EPYC 4004 - the Ryzen Killer | News from around the hosting industry
Date: June 12th 2024

June 12th 2024

How to migrate a reseller account

ResellerFly needs to migrate a reseller account with 150 cPanel accounts to a WHM/cPanel server. He has no root access to the reseller account and is concerned about how to carry out the migration in a simple and safe way. As far as he can tell his only option is to move each account individually but this will take time to complete and he's hoping for a quicker way to achieve this. There are already some suggestions of scripts or tools that might help, and an idea about moving from cPanel to a different panel. Have you ever had to move a large number of accounts when you don't have root access to the source server? Does anyone have any tips or tricks they can share?

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AMD EPYC 4004 - the Ryzen Killer

Shoss posted the news that AMD finally announced the AMD EPYC 4004 series a few weeks ago. These CPUs are Ryzen CPUs with the same clock speeds, with and without 3D VCache and everything else. Ryzen already overtook Intel E series' dominance in the server market in terms of performance, core count, and cost, Shoss comments. Now, these new Epycs have the potential to effectively kill Ryzen's dominance in the server market. Up until now, the fastest servers in terms of page load times were Ryzen-based servers. Some folks would regularly scoff at Ryzen servers being consumer-grade but eventually give in and deploy them. They would no longer need to complain now (perhaps?) as the new CPUs are validated for server operating systems and software, making them a potent contender for entry-level servers. The only thing left to see is how they perform in real world usage. Quite a discussion follows, mostly around performance, cost and compatibility. Have you tested or deployed these new processors yet?

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News from around the hosting industry

Our Industry News section is the place to find current headlines from around the world of hosting and infrastructure, but other general interest threads pop up in other sections of the forum, especially our Web Hosting Lounge. Here we highlight just a selection of some of the interesting items from around the forum:

  • ICANN assigns new president and CEO - Following last week's news that ICANN faces layoffs and budget shortfalls, the ICANN Board of Directors has chosen Kurt Erik "Kurtis" Lindqvist as the next ICANN President and Chief Executive Officer, starting this December. Lindqvist has more than 30 years of experience in the business development of ISPs and worldwide network carriers, deep experience in the ICANN community and has served as CEO of the London Internet Exchange (LINX) since 2019. ICANN's press release also details his history including CEO of Netnod and advising governments on Internet governance, data retention and broadband policy, as well as serving on the Internet Architecture Board and as working group chair in RIPE and the Internet Engineering Task Force.
  • Microsoft, Meta, Google launch new AI connectivity standard for data centers - They, and other technology vendors, have launched a new industry standard for AI connectivity in data centers. The Ultra Accelerator Link (UALink) is designed to improve performance and deployment flexibility in AI computing clusters housed in data centers. "Ultra-high performance interconnects are becoming increasingly important as AI workloads continue to grow in size and scope," said Martin Lund, executive vice president of Cisco's common hardware group. "Together, we are committed to developing the UALink which will be a scalable and open solution available to help overcome some of the challenges with building AI supercomputers."
  • BREIN pulled 610 pirate sites and services offline last year - The Dutch anti-piracy group has just posted its latest annual report saying that the 610 illegal sites and services ranged from proxies and streaming portals, to IPTV services and Facebook groups. BREIN also signed 41 settlement agreements and helped to completely remove hundreds of domains from Google search results following blocking orders. This was BREIN's final year under the leadership of Tim Kuik, who recently handed his life's work to the organization's new director, Bastiaan van Ramshorst.
  • YouTube processed a billion content ID copyright claims in six months - Their latest Transparency Report shows that fewer copyright holders used the Content ID system to protect their works. Despite the modest decline, the claim volume continues to grow. For the first time, the number of processed claims exceeded one billion in the six-month reporting period. To protect copyright holders, YouTube uses an advanced content recognition system called Content ID that flags potentially infringing videos. Videos can then be taken down, or monetized, depending on the preference of the claiming party.

Got some news of your own to share? If it's news from your own company it belongs in Web Hosting Industry Announcements (no ads please!). If you've scooped some news about something else going on in the hosting industry we'd love for you to share it in our Industry News section! Also look out for threads marked with our new [NEWS] tag, when members have posted newsworthy items in various sections of the forum. You can search for them using Advanced Search, search by prefix "NEWS", and "show results as posts".

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The role of edge computing in expanding cloud AI deployments

As modern developments in AI continue to reshape businesses across most sectors of the economy, leaders must consider ways to optimize AI capabilities in line with expanding deployments. While models designed to communicate with centralized data centers can be effective in some cases, edge AI solutions bring numerous key benefits.

The adaptability that edge computing can add to modern AI tools may prove pivotal in expanding cloud AI deployments.

Read more in this article presented by EdgeIR.

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