One dedicated server or an additional VPS? | Should a hyphen be used in a domain name? | News from around the hosting industry

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Subject: One dedicated server or an additional VPS? | Should a hyphen be used in a domain name? | News from around the hosting industry
Date: May 3rd 2023

May 3rd 2023

One dedicated server or an additional VPS?

SolX1 has around 10 standalone websites split between two managed VPS servers, each with 8 cores and 8GB memory (following some good advice on WHT back at the start of 2021). There are no issues with his current setup with everything working well, but the servers are close to their limits. He's now trying to decide between getting a dedicated server to replace the VPSs or adding another VPS and moving some of the sites to that to spread the load. The sites have high traffic with many concurrent users, but they are not resource intensive so bandwidth and disk space are not important factors. They are also independent of each other, each has its own files and database. He's more worried about the number of concurrent users the dedicated server will be able to handle. He uses Litespeed server. What would you opt for?

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Should a hyphen be used in a domain name?

Selena is going to launch a new website and is hesitating over the choice of domain names between, for example, and Factors that might be considered are SEO (does the addition of a hyphen make it easier to index keywords?), human readability (do humans naturally type domain names without hyphens so adding them would make the name harder to remember and affect traffic?) and competition (is it safer to register both options, then redirect one to the other when it has been decided which will be the primary domain?). What would be your preference, either as a regular site visitor, SEO manager or developer?

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News from around the hosting industry

Our Industry News section is the place to find current headlines from around the world of hosting and infrastructure, but other general interest threads pop up in other sections of the forum, especially The Lounge. Here we we highlight just some of the interesting news items from around the forum:

  • INAP files for bankruptcy... again - Data center and cloud firm Internap filed for bankruptcy for a second time last week. The company sold off most of its data centers late last year. It's being reported that, through bankruptcy, INAP plans to pivot to a "stand-alone cloud business", reduce debt by more than 80% and improve liquidity.
  • EdgeConneX building new data center underground in Israel - It will support increasing demand for underground, highly secure, and resilient infrastructure in the region by hyperscalers, cloud service providers and enterprises. Bringing 7.5 MWs, the new facility is planned to go live in this year's third quarter. EdgeConneX has two other sites in Israel.
  • GoDaddy adds five more TLDs to its offerings - The domains, which were all using GoDaddy's registry service, are .wiki, .tattoo, .ink, .gay, and .health, with the first four domains being part of Top Level Design's portfolio and are in fact the four remaining domains in the portfolio marking the company's exit from new top level domains. The .health domain launched more recently in 2017 and had about 35,000 registrations.
  • China Telecom plans ChatGPT-inspired AI model - Their cloud division CTYun is developing its natural language training model to launch its own ChatGPT-like service. The telco has emerged as a top cloud computing provider in China, going up against the likes of Alibaba, Huawei and Tencent. CTYun will also be lowering the price of its cloud computing service.

Got some news of your own to share? If it's news from your own company it belongs in Web Hosting Industry Announcements (no ads please!). If you've scooped some news about something else going on in the hosting industry we'd love for you to share it in our Industry News section!

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