Worldwide Fastly outage | Those annoying spam lists | Billions of leaked passwords, and Chinese DNS

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Subject: Worldwide Fastly outage | Those annoying spam lists | Billions of leaked passwords, and Chinese DNS
Date: June 9th 2021

June 9th 2021

Fastly outage takes out many major websites

At around 10am UTC yesterday many prominent websites around the world started to display error messages, and not a lot else. Amazon, Reddit, Bloomberg, Twitch, Pinterest, AFR, Financial Times, NY Times, The Guardian, the BBC, the UK goverment's official site, and many others all suffered major outages, whilst others, including Twitter, lost partial content. It turned out that Fastly, who's edge cloud platform provides services to many major companies, had an undiscovered bug in their systems that was triggered, perfectly innocently, by a customer action which took down Fastly's CDN. A fix was rolled out about an hour later and services and sites started to come back online. Questions are now being asked about the prudence of so much of the Internet relying on single providers. Are they now, potentially, the single point of mega-failure?

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A member was investigating why a particular website has been de-indexed from Bing, Yahoo!, duckduckgo, and others but was still indexed on Google. After contacting Bing support department, they learned that the IP address of the website was on a spam list, so they checked on and the website was listed on UCEPROTECTL2 and UCEPROTECTL3. This was strange because they use Mailchannels so this site's IP address should never have sent any spam. Further investigation concluded that these 2 lists added many if not all OVH IP addresses on their list, even those which have never been involved in spam. Is it right that UCEPROTECT, who describe their project’s mission as to stop mail abuse, globally, should blacklist whole swathes of IPs that aren't even sending email?

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Billions of leaked passwords, and Chinese DNS

Dubbed the 'RockYou2021' password leak, Laptop Mag reported claims of the largest collection of leaked passwords of all time, around 8.4 billion in total, being shared in a 100GB txt file on a popular hacker forum, including private login credentials for Gmail, Facebook, Apple, Paypal and other popular web services. Spotted by cybersecurity news website CyberNews, the website has set up a personal data leak checker and a leaked password checker and is encouraging people to check and see if their passwords have been exposed in the leak. READ MORE...

Also in the news this week, the Chinese government filed a U.S. patent application for a decentralized, blockchain-based DNS, which could compete with the existing domain name system overseen by ICANN. The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) is the internet division under China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. One wonders how this would compete with or compliment the existing DNS and root servers. Would they operate autonomously, or could they act together? READ MORE...



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