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DigitalOcean Price Increase - Will others follow? | May 2022 Server Parts Pricing Report | News from around our Industry

May 18th 2022 EDT

May 18th 2022 DigitalOcean price increase - Will others follow? With both the cost of living and the cost of doing business increasing worldwide as a result of the bounceback from the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, energy price increases and the shortage of or delivery issues for raw materials and components, it can't really come as a major surprise that prices in our industry are also increasing, and the next major provider to announce an increase is DigitalOcean, with a 20% across-the-board ...Continue Reading

Choopa.com and ReliableServers.com closure | Kayako Classic alternatives? | News from around our Industry

May 11th 2022 EDT

May 11th 2022 Choopa.com and ReliableServers.com closure News broke yesterday that Choopa and Reliableservers are sunsetting, with owners The Constant Company, LLC apparently now wishing to focus their attention on their cloud server company Vultr.com. This will likely come as a shock to the many customers of Choopa/ReliableServers who have been highly ranked as a provider in the industry. It will also affect the next customer tier of VPS, hosting and reseller customers who may not be immedi ...Continue Reading

I don't need much except reliability... | A successful 400Gbps DC to DC trial | Industry News

May 4th 2022 EDT

May 4th 2022 I don't need much except reliability... ClubDot has had a reseller account for 2 decades. Unfortunately, as another victim of cPanel price increases, his host has been forced to cancel his grandfathered plan and ask that he moves to a new plan which is considerably more expensive. He can't justify the extra monthly cost, particularly as his sites are quite static, not demanding of resources, and simply for him to experiment with building websites and host a few small sites for h ...Continue Reading

Charging hourly for servers | Will control panel prices increase next year? | News from around our Industry

April 27th 2022 EDT

April 27th 2022 Charging hourly for servers Bharat has been working with a client for many years, and they're now expressing an interest in paying hourly for a dedicated server rather than the traditional monthly payments. They'd like to be charged according to usage, in the same way that cloud servers are, and whenever they stop the machine billing stops too (only charging for volume usage + IP). Is there any way to make this work with dedicated servers? The servers are colocated so incur a ...Continue Reading

A fair price for hosting? | April 2022 Server Parts Pricing Report | Ukraine Appeal | Industry News

April 20th 2022 EDT

March 20th 2022 What's a fair price for hosting? What's a fair price for for a general web hosting account? This is the question posed by longtime WHTer Jose. So far the replies have all come from other hosts, some wanting more details before committing to a reply, some giving example pricing plans, others wanting to expand on the plan specifics and how they would affect pricing. What's noticeable up to now is the lack of hosting customers replying, which is a pity because this thread seems ...Continue Reading

Backing up reseller accounts | Does an OS version upgrade lose the data? | Ukraine Appeal | Industry News

April 13th 2022 EDT

April 13th 2022 How do you back up your reseller accounts? It's a simple question, but then some of the important ones often are. As a reseller, do you back up your clients' accounts or do you simply advise them to do their own? What's your disaster plan if your host has an issue and all your customer sites go offline? The first reply in this thread makes the point "You can't trust another business with your business". Some solutions can also depend on how much access your host giv ...Continue Reading

Does IPv4 still matter that much? | MailChimp hacked to target crypto clients | Ukraine Appeal | News from around our Industry

April 6th 2022 EDT

April 6th 2022 Does IPv4 still matter that much? WHTer HostRush noticed a report showing that people accessing Google via IPv6 is now close to 40% globally. The adoption started slowly but has been accelerating from two years ago and this year it's even faster. This also affects the hosting industry as IPv4 is scarce for some and many don't have available ranges. IPv6 on the other hand has no shortage. So does this suggest that we're getting close to the point that IPv4 doesn't matter that m ...Continue Reading

Abandoned devices and the law | The importance of ECC RAM | Ukraine Appeal | News from our Industry

March 30th 2022 EDT

March 30th 2022 Abandoned devices and the law Some datacenter customers abandon their servers and other equipment for a variety of reasons. What decision would the datacenter administration make on such abandoned devices? Will the datacenter owners resell the equipment? Do they have the legal authority to resell or reuse it? Some datacenters forcibly retain customers' servers because customers are failing to pay colocation bills. When they fail to pay invoices can DCs forcibly retain the ser ...Continue Reading

WHM theme update - The fallout | March 2022 Server Parts Pricing Report | Ukraine Appeal | News from around our Industry

March 23rd 2022 EDT

March 23rd 2022 WHM theme update - The fallout The rollout of WHM/cPanel v102 sees a new theme for WHM, and the reaction to it doesn't appear to be very positive (to say the least). The new theme is also not an option - It's installed with the the v102 update, and that's it. Many are complaining about the layout and color scheme, saying that it's now harder to find options and asking if some features have been removed. Of course people who are used to using the same sort of layout for many y ...Continue Reading

Ukraine Update | cPanel account protection | News from around the Industry

March 16th 2022 EDT

March 16th 2022 Ukraine Update Three weeks into the invasion of Ukraine, pressure continues to be mounted on Russia to end their actions. Last week [1]Cogent told its Russian customers it's disconnected its high-capacity internet service, and others are taking similar action since then with [2]Lumen saying it was pulling the plug on Russia because of an "increased security risk" and [3]LINX (The London Internet Exchange) disconnected Russian telecom companies Megafon an ...Continue Reading
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