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Adding a chat to talk with | Storage VPS Providers | In the news this week

September 22nd 2021 EDT

September 22nd 2021 Adding a chat to talk with SidedTech is looking for some sort of chat module to install on his site that allows users to communicate with him directly from the site and he receives it on his phone so that he can go back and forth in chat with them. It would help if a cookie saves the chat as well, in case they refresh, disconnect, etc. He'd also like to be able to speak to the person first possibly, with them having different options to choose from while talking to a bot ...Continue Reading

A control panel with less | Using a VPN when ordering | Mailchimp sold, and more...

September 15th 2021 EDT

September 15th 2021 A control panel with less? The battle of the control panels continues, but now WHTer SidedTech is looking for a panel that does less and uses less resources. He's not looking for all the bells and whistles of panels such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, etc., rather he wants something that will just handle SSL, email and auto-LAMP for him, and a WordPress installer would be a bonus, but isn't a deal-breaker. Currently he uses Virtualmin but feels that even that has too many ...Continue Reading

Time to move? Security and plugin issues | Single or double CPU for hosting? | Vulnerabilities and News

September 8th 2021 EDT

September 8th 2021 Time to move? Security and plugin issues WHTer "stripeysfriend" has been using a particular WordPress host for several years but has concerns about his sites' performance and wonders if he should move hosts to see if the issues go away. In his opening post he goes on to give a detailed breakdown of his hosting requirements, current usage, the issues he's been encountering and details of various hosts he's already researched. One early (and expected) recommendatio ...Continue Reading

Bullet proof email hosting | Moving cPanel accounts from a reseller with cPanel Backup disabled | This week's news

September 1st 2021 EDT

September 1st 2021 Recommendations for hosting with bullet proof email reputation Adam brings up the well-known issues of email reliability when using shared hosting. With multiple customers using a single shared IP address it only takes one of them to abuse their account to bring down the reputation of that IP address and cause it to be blacklisted by other email servers, particularly those like Hotmail, GMail and Yahoo. So one abuser can create multiple innocent victims. He's tried moving ...Continue Reading

Help with SPF and mail delivery | .COM price increases, and where to buy other TLDs | Headlines from around WHT

August 25th 2021 EDT

August 25th 2021 Help with SPF and mail delivery Veteran WHTer microvax is having difficulty delivering mail to Gmail from a new VPS, and is asking for help setting up SPF and whatever else is needed to convince Gmail that his mail isn't spam. There are several more steps to go through to ensure smooth mail delivery, not just to Gmail, including checking your IP isn't blacklisted, setting up reverse-DNS, DKIM, DMARC, etc. So do you have a standard checklist that you use when setting up new s ...Continue Reading

Outside connection refused | August Server Pricing Report | Highlights from Industry News

August 18th 2021 EDT

August 18th 2021 Connection refused from outside of network New WHTer arakomputer has a cheap CentOS VPS deal that he's rented for 2 years, and for some reason it's only accepting connections for web hosting purposes - HTTPd Apache ports 80 and 443, and MySQL. It was advertised as a web hosting server. He has root access and can yum install but each service he's installed refuses to connect from his home. For example, he's added OpenSSH, TigerVNC and other software but can't connect to any o ...Continue Reading

Bad Bots and Useragents | Where to put Dallas | Patching the patch software, and more...

August 11th 2021 EDT

August 11th 2021 Bad Bots and Useragents The volume of traffic from bad bots and (faked) useragents is ever increasing, and having to manually adapt security measures to block them has become a never-ending task. So veteran WHTer SPaReK asks if anyone knows of any place that keeps an updated list of Bad Bots and Useragents that could be incorporated into your webserver to restrict traffic. Like many others, it seems that lately his servers are getting hammered more with bot traffic than actu ...Continue Reading

Need for speed - VPS or Shared? | How to handle high power users | OnApp acquired by Virtuozzo, and more...

August 4th 2021 EDT

August 4th 2021 Need for speed - VPS or Shared? WHTer Bstoller is in a quandry. Hosts offering managed hosting are telling him that VPS is outdated and their shared platforms are faster (there's only so many ways that members can say "Say wot now?" in the thread, but they're going for a record!). So he's looking to the WHT community for some simple, independent advice. His requirements are simple - Fast hosting for a Wordpress site. Bear in mind that he's not a tech, so he's lookin ...Continue Reading

I need a new host! | How has your business changed through COVID? | Security Alerts and News Roundup

July 28th 2021 EDT

July 28th 2021 I need a new host! "I need a new host!" is the thread title used by ORAHost21, who joined WHT towards the start of this year, and he then goes on to post quite a specific (and possibly challenging) list of requirements including free migration of his website, WHMCS and client sites from two other hosts, SSD storage, white label server, free SSL, 40GB+ storage, unlimited bandwidth, a marketplace, CDN and caching, staging ability, and temp domains. That's quite a shopp ...Continue Reading

Hosting a large site | NVMe Shared Hosting versus SSD VPS | In the news this week

July 21st 2021 EDT

July 21st 2021 Hosting a large site New member busybee100 has a start-up company selling one-off products. This means that they are constantly adding and removing items for sale, generally running with around 500 live products at any one time, each with multiple images. Due to the way WordPress creates several images of different sizes for each product they've run into trouble with the number of files being hosted and were advised by their host to move to a VPS. Taking that advice didn't wor ...Continue Reading


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