Backing up/cloning/imaging a complete server | The rise of AI and the start of human layoffs | News from around the hosting industry

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Subject: Backing up/cloning/imaging a complete server | The rise of AI and the start of human layoffs | News from around the hosting industry
Date: March 6th 2024

March 6th 2024

Backing up/cloning/imaging a complete server

Everyone knows (or should know) the importance of keeping backups - The "threads of woe" on WHT from members who've lost all their data, often due to a mechanical breakdown, and who didn't keep a copy of their important work are regular reminders of why everyone with a website should be keeping backups. So here's a refreshing change with a thread started by hansje80 asking about a backup system that would allow him to restore customer data more quickly than the routine he currently knows. In the case of a disaster (disk broken, fire, etc.) he'd like to be able to restore a complete server quickly from an image so that his clients would not have to wait for him spending hours reinstalling all the required software again? What's his best route to making regular server images that could be restored quickly, maybe onto a new server, if needed?

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The rise of AI and the start of human layoffs

Shoss brings up a concern that many probably share - He says that AI is taking over human jobs on a large scale across multiple industries in multiple countries. Large warehouses already replaced most of their human workforce with AI and robots. It happened to manufacturing, from cars and clothing to medicine. Now it is spreading to other sectors. He feels that this was predictable but he never predicted it would be this soon and this widespread. He goes on to suggest that this will help conglomerates. AI doesn't question authority, doesn't revolt, doesn't protest, obeys all orders, works 24/7, and doesn't demand pay. They would of course prefer AI. But if people lose their jobs, what would they do to earn their living? What's your take on the advances of AI? Do you welcome and embrace it, or are you concerned about AI and the speed that it's advancing?

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News from around the hosting industry

Our Industry News section is the place to find current headlines from around the world of hosting and infrastructure, but other general interest threads pop up in other sections of the forum, especially our Web Hosting Lounge. Here we highlight just a selection of some of the interesting items from around the forum:

  • Crucial Red Sea data cables cut - Several undersea communications cables in the Red Sea have been cut, affecting 25% of data traffic flowing between Asia and Europe, a telecoms company and a US official say. Hong Kong-based HGC Global Communications said it had taken measures to reroute traffic after four of the 15 cables were recently severed. The cause is not yet clear. The US official said it was trying to find out whether the cables were cut deliberately or snagged by an anchor. Last month, Yemen's internationally-recognised government warned that the Iran-backed Houthi movement might sabotage the undersea cables in addition to attacking ships in the sea.
  • Web Hosting Canada takes the reins on Mustang Technologies in acquisition - WHC announced the acquisition of Mustang Technologies, a Montreal-based hosting, domains and cloud solutions firm. Mustang was one of the first ISPs in the province of Quebec back in 1994. Today it is known for AWS and Plesk focused advanced hosting services. Web Hosting Canada is a Montreal, Quebec-based hosting firm with over 65,000 clients.
  • Hurricane Electric deploys new PoP in Chile - HE established a new point of presence (PoP) in the Ascenty SCL2 data center in Chile's capital city of Santiago. This network is connected to Brazilian subsea cables and all international cable landing stations. The 22,000 square meter carrier-neutral data center has 1,500 racks, 16MW site power capacity, N-1 redundant power supply, with three power lines serving each data hall, and N-2 redundant chilled water plant and isolated technical corridors for equipment maintenance. This is HE's first location in Chile and eighth in South America.
  • Data center firm Deft acquired by Summit - Managed data center provider Deft has been acquired by Summit. Summit is a virtual server and cloud-based application hosting firm based in North America. This acquisition will merge Deft's data center and network services with Summit's cloud hosting expertise. Deft was formerly the Chicago-based, web hosting firm known for many years as ServerCentral. Founder Jordan Lowe will be transitioning to the role of Chief Strategy Officer, while co-founder Daniel Brosk will remain Chief Operating Officer.

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