Does your desktop website significantly outperform the mobile version? | Payment processing fees | News from around the hosting industry

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Subject: Does your desktop website significantly outperform the mobile version? | Payment processing fees | News from around the hosting industry
Date: February 21st 2024

February 21st 2024

Does your desktop website significantly outperform the mobile version?

CanSpace has been looking at traffic and sales data recently and noted that desktop is still the leading way for web hosting customers to browse his website, make a decision and complete a purchase. Reviewing 12 months worth of analytics data shows that desktop traffic accounts for more than 75% of site visits, mobile traffic making up the bulk of the rest with only 1% of traffic coming from tablets. Sales via desktop browsers dominate his statistics with 90% of the total purchases made, sales via mobile again making up the bulk of the rest and less than 1% of purchases being made via tablets. He comments that no matter how important it is to make your site responsive, a desktop version of it outperforms mobile by a significant margin, and thus requires the most attention in ensuring a top notch experience, particularly as desktop users are 9x more likely to complete the purchase after starting the shopping process by adding item(s) to the cart than users on mobile. CanSpace asks if anyone else is seeing similar numbers. It will be super insightful to see those who see more balanced stats, as that may open a conversation as to how/what/why your website does better on mobile vs desktop. And for our non-hosting readers with other types of websites, do your visitor and sales statistics broadly match those mentioned here, or is this more a peculiarity of the hosting industry?

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Payment processing fees

Bri3k would like to know how others handle payment processing fees and what the best payment methods are to reduce or avoid these charges. It does seem that payment processing fees vary considerably depending on your location, processing company, transaction type, and where the customer is from. Based in the USA he's getting charged upwards of 6% on transactions for some European customers, which is a substantial chunk out of his profit on such sales. Is there a particular type of processor that tends to offer more attractive rates? Is there any benefit to only allowing charges for longer periods (3/6/12 months rather than just 1) where the transaction amount is quite small? And what sort of charge variation do you encounter between orders from cutomers in the same country as you, or on a different continent?

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News from around the hosting industry

Our Industry News section is the place to find current headlines from around the world of hosting and infrastructure, but other general interest threads pop up in other sections of the forum, especially our Web Hosting Lounge. Here we highlight just a selection of some of the interesting items from around the forum:

  • AMS-IX hits record 12 Tbps, reflecting surge in global internet use - The Amsterdam Internet Exchange reported a new record in Internet traffic flow, hitting a stunning 12 Terabits per second (Tbps) on the evening of Sunday, February 18. It’s a major milestone that highlights the growing need for digital connectivity. This latest traffic peak at one of the world's leading Internet Exchanges is attributed to several key developments within the platform. Notably, the exchange has seen a substantial expansion in Amsterdam with numerous networks upgrading their port capacities to accommodate the exchange of larger volumes of data. AMS-IX has also introduced its first 400G customer ports. The past year alone witnessed a 15% increase in 100G ports and a 12% rise in 10G ports, indicating a significant upsurge in data exchange requirements.
  • Expedient and Nationwide partner on Ohio data center - Expedient announced its 15th U.S.-based and fifth Ohio data center last week. Expanding access to its colocation and managed infrastructure services, the company added the former Nationwide data center, near Columbus, Ohio, to its portfolio. The two firms entered into a long-term agreement announced in an Expedient press release last week. Nationwide will continue as landlord of the facility and Expedient will assume operational control and responsibility for future upgrade and expansion investment. The 102,000 sq ft facility will enable Expedient to accommodate more than 33,000 physical servers, with 3-megawatts (MW) of initial power capacity, that will be increased to 7.5 MW in the future. This is Expedient's largest data center in Ohio.
  • Cops turn LockBit ransomware gang's countdown timers against them - In seizing and dismantling LockBit's infrastructure, Western cops are now making a mockery of the ransomware criminals by promising a long, drawn-out disclosure of the gang's secrets. After the infosec world was invigorated by the announcement of LockBit's site being seized yesterday, the authorities involved in the takedown operation – dubbed Operation Cronos – have now completely taken over the extortionists' dark-web leak site and turned it into an exposé hub. Among the other headline revelations today, the Cronos team said 34 LockBit servers have been taken down in the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, France, Switzerland, Australia, the US, and the UK. Among these servers were three hosted in the US that were responsible for hosting LockBit's StealBit data exfiltration malware used by affiliates during attacks.
  • Endeavour's Edged Energy announced its first U.S. data centers for AI - Endeavour's subsidiary, Edged Energy, announced its first four U.S. data centers designed for AI workloads last week. Bringing more than 300 MW of capacity and an average Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.15, these facilities are equipped with advanced waterless cooling and ultra-efficient energy systems including a 168 MW campus in Atlanta, a 96 MW campus in the Chicago area, 36 MW in Phoenix and 24 MW in Kansas City. The new facilities are expected to save more than 1.2 billion gallons of water each year compared to conventional data centers. Atlanta, Chicago and Kansas City are under construction and will open later this year, bringing Edge's total to almost 12 new data centers operating or under construction across Europe and North America and a gigawatt-scale project pipeline.

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