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Subject: Issues at | VPS Hosting (Should I stay or should I go?) | Fire at Evocative EWR1 | News from around the hosting industry
Date: July 12th 2023

July 12th 2023

Issues at

Jeremy started off this thread at the beginning of the month, reporting problems making chages to a couple of domains he'd just registered at Logging in the next day he found his account locked and trying to reset it gave him an error about a suspended or inactive account. He tried emailing and a web form, but without receiving any replies. Their phone number was just ringing and then diverted to a message saying they don't take calls any more because of coronavirus. He tried chat unsuccessfully too. With several domains he's registered there that he cannot afford to lose, and some needing to be renewed in the next few days, he's at his wits end. It didn't take long for others experiencing the same issues to join the thread, but it was several days before news started to filter through that had encountered unexpected fraudulent activity that had significantly impacted their ordering system, and that they were committed to resolving this issue as quickly as possible. A week into the issue reported that their order system was now back online and processing orders and registrations again, and that they were working through a backlog of orders. Sadly, that doesn't appear to be the end of the story because members are now posting new reports of issues. Are you affected?

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VPS Hosting (Should I stay or should I go?)

stompbox is in a quandary. He's generally happy with his current VPS host, but they're telling him that he needs to move to a cloud-based VPS, the specs of which mean an improvement in RAM and CPU count but a decrease in disk space (which he's not too happy with), although he'd be moving from SATA to NVMe. Since he's been at the same place for a few years he's doing his due diligence and looking around at what else he might get for his $50/month budget. In the course of his shopping around he's noticed the difference in pricing between managed and unmanaged, and wonders how much management he's receiving. He's also considering the option of switching from cPanel to DirectAdmin, which his current host would want to charge him for if he went that route. With so many choices can you help him decide his best path forward?

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News from around the hosting industry

Our Industry News section is the place to find current headlines from around the world of hosting and infrastructure, but other general interest threads pop up in other sections of the forum, especially The Lounge. Here we we highlight just some of the interesting news items from around the forum:

  • Fire at Evocative EWR1 New Jersey - A fire emergency was reported yesterday that now appears to be under control but has resulted in outages for a number of providers due to power shutdowns on the instruction of the fire marshall. The datacenter team have worked overnight to repair, replace and clean up to bring the premises back to a safe condition (subject to inspections) before power-ups begin. It's good to see the amount of information being shared in the thread by hosts using the facility to keep everyone informed.
  • U.S. plans to restrict China's access to its cloud computing services - The Biden administration is preparing to restrict Chinese access, which would probably lead to U.S. cloud providers (such as Amazon and Microsoft) needing to get government permission before they provide services that use advanced AI chips to customers from China. The move comes as China said Monday it would impose export restrictions on metals used in advanced chip manufacturing. The proposed cloud restrictions are seen as a means to close a significant loophole. Security experts have warned that Chinese AI companies might have bypassed the current export controls rules by using cloud services, as these services provide customers with computing capabilities without requiring the purchase of advanced equipment such as chips on the control list.
  • DigitalOcean acquires Paperspace, expands AI offerings - Paperspace is a leading provider of cloud infrastructure as a service for highly scalable applications leveraging graphics processing units. The integration of Paperspace's advanced technology will extend DigitalOcean's offerings, enabling customers to more easily test, develop and deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, augment and enhance existing AI/ML applications and utilize GPUs in ways that have predominantly been the domain of large enterprises.
  • CyrusOne to build another German data center - Its next data center in Frankfurt will be named FRA6. Strategically located within Germany's "Digital City" and within one of the key development areas of Frankfurt outlined by city officials' plan to meet future requirements for data centers, the site is situated in close proximity to several operational CyrusOne data centers and will offer a total IT capacity of 72 MW delivered over four floors, with each level delivering 18 MW. This will be CyrusOne's sixth data center in Frankfurt. The company has more than 50 data centers around the world.

Got some news of your own to share? If it's news from your own company it belongs in Web Hosting Industry Announcements (no ads please!). If you've scooped some news about something else going on in the hosting industry we'd love for you to share it in our Industry News section!

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