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Subject: What would you look for from hosting | On-the-fly email address providers | News from around the hosting industry
Date: January 18th 2023

January 18th 2023

What would you look for from hosting?

A simple one line question can often bring a multitude and variety of answers, and that's what this thread is doing already. The question: If you were to purchase a hosting account what would you be looking for in terms of hardware, software, support? Of course, our resident hosting providers are quick to jump on the hardware element, discussing the latest CPUs, availability, etc. But, once in a while, we see a thread that opens the door to hosting customers (and potential customers) to air their thoughts and ideas too and, maybe, influence the way hosts are planning their future offerings, support levels, control panel choices, hosting locations, etc. Here's the latest of those threads to start off the New Year. Voice your requests... Is there something that you're struggling to find? Is there an add-on feature or package you'd like to see more of? Have your say in the thread!

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On-the-fly email address providers

Carlos currently uses a third party email/spam protection company who were bought and are due to be discontinued. This affects one of his clients who needs an "address on the fly" setup. To explain - A regular address could be "joe@PROTECTED" but they are also able to have email sent to Joe.anythinggoeshere@PROTECTED so that the sender can be identified and blocked if need be. It's also a useful way to check if an email address has been sold to another company (or been farmed). The issue for Carlos is the use of the period in the address - Normally a plus sign is used. This shouldn't be a problem with most modern MTA systems, but can you recommend a solution?

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News from around the hosting industry

Our Industry News section is the place to find current headlines from around the world of hosting and infrastructure, but other general interest threads pop up in other sections of the forum, especially The Lounge. Here we we highlight just some of the interesting news items from around the forum:

  • Epik still mopping up financial mess - New problems continue to arise with the domain name registrar with new management brought in last September still dealing with debt and in "triage mode". In November 2022 a representative of domain seller DomainEmpire posted a review on TrustPilot saying it has a balance of $1.5 million in Masterbucks that it has not been able to withdraw. It's reported that it seems that there is no clear record-keeping for the new management and that a former contractor sued the company, saying he has not been paid and the case was settled.
  • Colt becomes first client of new Barcelona cable landing station - The new CLS has been built by African internet exchange AFR-IX Telecom which is already using Colt's network in the African market to provide an internet service to African operators and customers to connect them to European data centers via Colt's routes. Colt's network in Spain and Portugal is already serving Lisbon, Bilbao, Madrid and Barcelona, and has 13 connection points to data centers in Barcelona. A representative from Colt said the Barcelona landing station for submarine cables will position the [Iberian] peninsula geo-strategically as a key access point to Europe.
  • Zayo deploys Paris to Marseille route - The new route offers 24 terabytes of total expected capacity per fiber pair and 400G enablement. Zayo is hardening its network with new fiber technologies. It is the first carrier with this next-generation fiber on the route connecting Paris to Marseille. The route will also provide direct access to Bordeaux - the landing city for Amitié, a new private transatlantic cable that will connect the U.S. with the UK and France. The connection will also enable direct access to Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
  • US-Japan subsea cable to double capacity - Infinera announced yesterday that its ICE6 800G coherent optical solution has been deployed to modernize and increase capacity on the transpacific Unity Submarine Cable System. The system spans 9,620 kilometers and provides operators with a direct cable route linking Japan and the U.S. By upgrading the cable system will double capacity and provide operators with the highest capacity services at the lowest cost per bit. The Unity cable is backed by a consortium comprised of Bharti Airtel, Global Transit, a subsidiary of TIME, Google, KDDI Corp, Telstra and Singtel. The upgrade means the consortium will be able to increase the life span of the cable by nearly 25% and deliver up to 7.4 Tbps per fiber pair.

Got some news of your own to share? If it's news from your own company it belongs in Web Hosting Industry Announcements (no ads please!). If you've scooped some news about something else going on in the hosting industry we'd love for you to share it in our Industry News section!

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