Time to move? Security and plugin issues | Single or double CPU for hosting? | Vulnerabilities and News

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Subject: Time to move? Security and plugin issues | Single or double CPU for hosting? | Vulnerabilities and News
Date: September 8th 2021

September 8th 2021

Time to move? Security and plugin issues

WHTer "stripeysfriend" has been using a particular WordPress host for several years but has concerns about his sites' performance and wonders if he should move hosts to see if the issues go away. In his opening post he goes on to give a detailed breakdown of his hosting requirements, current usage, the issues he's been encountering and details of various hosts he's already researched. One early (and expected) recommendation is that he diagnose his sites first rather than potentially just transport the problems they may have over to a new host. As the thread develops he's also now considering a managed VPS to allow more flexibility in his overall setup. Many people have encountered the type of issues detailed in this thread, so how did you solve them?

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Single or double CPU for hosting?

Mitch has been searching for a new server to install CentOS 8 then Cloudlinux on, and then move his websites and 4 clients over to it. In researching he's not seeing many dual CPU servers so asks which is better - a dual CPU or single CPU dedicated server with the same benchmark rating? The majority of his sites are WordPress with a few others using plain HTML. Some replies suggest more threads are better, others point out that fewer threads but a faster CPU could benefit the sites. At what point does upgrading CPU(s) do memory limitations come into play? What are your suggestions for a good all-round server and CPU that would suit his needs, without breaking the bank?

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News from around the Industry, including a vulnerability

  • Popular NPM package pac-resolver severe vulnerability [CVE-2021-23406] - Pac-resolver touts itself as a module that accepts JavaScript proxy configuration files and generates a function for your app to map certain domains to use a proxy. Developer Tim Perry disclosed a highly severe flaw in pac-resolver that can enable threat actors on the local network to run arbitrary code within your Node.js process whenever it attempts to make an HTTP request.
  • Google to invest $1.2B in Germany cloud computing program - Google is planning to add new cloud computing centers in the Berlin region and in the town of Hanau, close to the DE-CIX data exchange in Frankfurt.
  • New iPhone knock-off lightning cables that can hack you - The O.MG Cable is the result of months of work that has resulted in a highly covert malicious USB cable. As soon as the cable is plugged in, it can be controlled through the wireless network interface that lives inside the cable.

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