Creating Terms and Conditions | July 2021 Server Parts Pricing Report | Net neutrality, SolarWinds and solar storms

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Subject: Creating Terms and Conditions | July 2021 Server Parts Pricing Report | Net neutrality, SolarWinds and solar storms
Date: July 14th 2021

July 14th 2021

Creating Terms and Conditions

A member is looking for some advice when it comes to the terms and conditions he uses on his website. He wants to ensure that the servers he sells are not used for illegal content. So which laws should he use? The USA, the country he's doing business from, or does that not matter so much as long as he's making it clear that the servers he provides must not be used for illegal purposes? Well-established hosts have comprehensive terms of service and acceptable use policies, developed over the years as different situations arise, so does he need to reinvent the wheel? How did you go about putting your legal agreements together?

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July 2021 Server Parts Pricing Report

After a brief pause, Gabe has produced his sixth server parts pricing report for 2021. He tracks changing parts prices for RAM, SSDs, Hard Drives, CPUs, and a couple of GPUs. Typically this is done monthly, and then shared with WHT in a monthly report. Currently, all listed prices are from eBay, for used hardware, but he may start tracking more new hardware as well if there is a demand for it. Prices as of July 10th 2021. The "noteworthy changes" comments at the end of the report are worth a read, noting how pricing is changing due to a decline in Crypto-mining activity.

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In the news this week

  • Net neutrality is in the spotlight again with and Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy being signed by President Biden last week, and in it were several provisions relating to net neutrality.
  • A new SolarWinds issue with a vulnerability discovered by Microsoft, with SolarWinds releasing security updates this past weekend to patch a vulnerability in its Serv-U file transferring technology that is being actively exploited in the wild.
  • Solar storm may wreak havoc on GPS, Internet, satellites, with reports that the satellites which are in the upper layer of the atmosphere might be affected. Technologies including mobile phone signal, satellite TV and GPS navigation may also be affected and possibly power grids.

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