Which CP and distro for standalone MariaDB? | .COM wholesale prices to rise | Industry News, and a warning

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Subject: Which CP and distro for standalone MariaDB? | .COM wholesale prices to rise | Industry News, and a warning
Date: June 30th 2021

June 30th 2021

Suggest a control panel and distro for a standalone MariaDB instance

Mihir wants to set up a standalone MariaDB instance and is looking for advice and suggestions for a good distro for this purpose, along with an inexpensive control panel to look after it.  He needs a panel to manage databases, users, remote access, CFS and LFD. Being able to schedule backups would be a nice addition as well. A free panel would be great, but he'd be happy paying a nominal annual fee too. DirectAdmin with either Debian or AlmaLinux are being put forward as options, but what combinations can you suggest, and why?

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.COM wholesale price to rise by $0.54

Verisign's wholesale price for .COM domains, that it charges to registrars, will increase from $7.85 to $8.39 on September 1, 2021. This is the first year that Verisign has been able to increase prices for .com domain names under new agreements made with the U.S. government and ICANN. Undoubtedly registrars will need to pass on the increase to customers so, if you have any .coms in your portfolio it might be an idea to renew them prior to September. In case you're not aware, WHT had a Domain Shop where you can buy and sell domain names, and get appraisals, so now might be a good time to offload a few unwanted domains or invest in some new ones.

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Industry News including a warning

We don't often call out individuals in person, but we need to caution members of our industry to be aware of a bad player. At the end of 2018 it became apparent that a person by the name of Luis Sanchez Garcia (and various aliases) of GoTech Peru was entering into deals for IPs and hardware and disappearing without making payments, or charging back payments after he'd got hold of hardware or IP ranges he'd leased and abused to death. It seems that he's back again so, if you buy/sell hardware or lease IPs, you would be well advised to check the thread for the various aliases and scams he's used in the past and keep an eye out for this guy.

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