Can a database just delete? | Law enforcement order a server taken down. What's next? | In the news this week

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Subject: Can a database just delete? | Law enforcement order a server taken down. What's next? | In the news this week
Date: June 23rd 2021

June 23rd 2021

Can a database just delete?

One of WHT's self-confessed non technical members was surprised to receive a "cannot establish database connection" message from one of his sites. He contacted his host who told him that the database got deleted. He's hosted this particular site with the same host for around 10 years and has never deleted the database. He hasen't even logged into the site in a while. So he asked his host if there was any record of someone logging in, and when and where, and they told him that there is no record of any of this happening. So what's happened to his database? Is this something you've experienced as an end-user or host? Share your thoughts in the thread.

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Law enforcement order a server taken down. What's next?

A member asks if anyone has faced a similar situation like he just has when a dedicated server is suddenly completely down. After talking to support he discovered that his entire RAID array was inaccessable and no partition existed. Eventually support advised him that the disks were pulled due to child porn being discovered. He had no prior warning, no information, and then suddenly his host acts in this way. When he asks for more details, like which IP and domain name was hosting the offending material, they decline to provide any further information. Not having experienced this before, he's having thoughts about something mysterious having occured, like the server accidentally being removed by their system. For those that have never experienced this type of sudden take-down before, can you share your experience, either as a provider or customer?

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  • Telecom research and consulting firm TeleGeography has identified more than US$8 billion in new subsea cable investments over the next three years in the new version of its submarine cable map, as reported by Capacity earlier this month. The map features 464 cables and 1,245 landing stations with a combined length of over 1.3 million km, showing a surge in cable construction from content providers such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft. A link to the new map is included in the article.
  • The surge in remote work due to the global pandemic has accelerated massive move to cloud with cloud-first organizations outnumbering on-prem 3-1, per a study by analytics firm Devo Technology. Some of the numbers reported by Cloud Computing News from the study indicate 81% of organizations claim that COVID had accelerated their cloud timelines and plans; a 200% jump in organizations planning to move more than 75% of their apps/workloads to the cloud, with 86% of companies placing cloud options in their decision process for new applications, and; more than 40% choosing the cloud as their first option. Read more...
  • A weird iPhone wifi network issue came to light in the last few days, with the discovery that connecting to a wifi network with the name “%p%s%s%s%s%n” causes a bug and breaks your iPhone's wifi functionality, reports Gizmodo. But before you panic, it can be fixed. Gizmodo stated, "Schou explained that after he joined network “%p%s%s%s%s%n”, his iPhone permanently disabled its wifi functionality. According to 9to5Mac, the bug also affects iPads, as well as services like AirDrop. The devices are unable to connect to wifi networks even after rebooting or changing the hotspot’s SSID." Read more, and learn the fix.

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