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CloudLinux OS Shared is now Legacy | Exim MTA vulnerability could allow malicious email attachments past filters | News from around the hosting industry

July 17th 2024

[1] July 17th 2024 CloudLinux OS Shared is now Legacy Shoss spotted a blog post by CloudLinux announcing that CloudLinux OS Shared is Now CloudLinux OS Legacy, with CloudLinux OS Legacy continuing to receive the same security updates and base operating system improvements, but not to include any new features. As the discussion develops into what features hosts can and cannot do without, and therefore which licence level they feel they need, Igor, the CEO of Cloud Linux Inc, jumps into th ...Continue Reading

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Introducing Cloud Studio - Cloud hosting on your terms

June 11th 2024

Introducing Cloud Studio 🥁 - A new Cloud Hosting option from Liquid Web, starting at $5/mo You are receiving this sponsored email as you subscribed to occasional special offers from WHT [1]Liquid Web - The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting cloudstudio Liquid Web Cloud Hosting from $5/mo =================================== We’ve expanded our product offerings, and you're among the first to know! ------------------------------------------------------------------- Cloud Studio is L ...Continue Reading